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At Nanobiocomp, we are always keen on receiving your applications. If you are looking for a post-doc and you have some computational experience in the field of condensed matter physics or biophysics, just drop us an email. If you are a master student and you are interested in a Ph.D. fellowship, you may apply to Unige's PhD programme in Physics. For more specific inquiries on job opportunities and current projects, please contact Prof. Giulia Rossi and Prof. Riccardo Ferrando directly.

Open positions

Ph.D. positions

  • 1 Ph.D. position is available from the recently funded H2020 SUNSHINE project. The main goal of SUNSHINE is to develop and implement safe and sutainable-by-design strategies for products enabled by multi-component nanomaterials (MCNM). Nanocomp will contribute by evaluating the most common interactions of MCNM with surrounding media and biological systems. The Ph.D. project will focus on two types of nanoparticles - graphene oxide nanosheets and citrate-capped gold nanoparticles - and will aim at the characterization of their surface properties, aggregation behavior, and interactions with model lipid membranes and proteins. The Ph.D. student will work in close collaboration with the group of Luca Monticelli, at IBCM/CNRS, Lyon, and within the international partnership of the SUNSHINE H2020 project. The official deadline for Ph.D. applications is foreseen in June. For more information, please contact Prof. Giulia Rossi.

Post doc positions

  • 1 post doc position is available on the topic of nano-bio interactions. The post doc will be involved in one or more research projects from the initial design stage throughout implementation and dissemination. The position involves the supervision of students and young group members, and previous activity as a tutor will be considered as an asset. More details and contact information can be found in this flyer and on ResearchGate.